Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vote for Somebody

In this MSNBC article, Craig Crawford talks about the Jack Abramoff scandal and how it could be the biggest scandal to hit DC (bigger than even Watergate). He states that corruption is ubiquitous because:
"Money is the dominant political party in the nation's capital. This is an era where the average House incumbent spends $1 million to stay in office, and senators spend far more."

He also states that the voting public is to blame by voting for the biggest spenders. He says let's try voting for the person who spends less for a change. I, for one, agree. Think about how that money could be used instead of using them on TV and radio ads. They could actually go to people who need help...they could do good in their district. That wins votes...not mudslinging commercials.


Reese The Law Girl said...

Yea, but that money comes from big business. And they're not going to give it to those who need it. They only spend money to make more of it.

It's sad, but people are not industrious or smart enough to actually do research on a candidate. They rely on TV to tell them who they should pick from. And, if you don't have an AD in prime time- then you're screwed.

Man, how depressing. Our whole system is a mess.

derek said...

God, Reese, I feel even worse now...

Your comment was true but saddening.

I am going to listen to some Sade to lift my spirits.