Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ghost is for the Parents...

This is what Ghostface Killah had to say about parenting in this interview...

Listen, man, you got to chastise your kid. If you dont lay your foot down, your kid is going to be [saying], Fuck you. And you going to be sitting there crying [in a high-pitched voice]: Oh, what have I done; I havent done nothing to this boy. And that little motherfucker barking on you [in a little boys voice]: Nah, fuck you, mommy. Im going outside with my friends. I dont give a fuck what you say. Parents get that when they dont put they foot down. Niggas got to start going hard on they kids again. Aint no law and order any more. I am not saying you got bust your kids ass everyday, but you got to go back to the ole remedy. I dont know about you, but I used to get my ass whipped, and that kept me on a straight path. If I did something wrong or said something wrong to somebody, fuck around and get popped in my fucking mouth, and thats just what it is, G.

I have always believed that parenting is a benevolent dictatorship. Some parents are too benevolent (the parents on Maury and some are too dictatorial (think Carrie's mom from Carrie). It's about that balance. Kids will be kids but if a kid gets out of pocket the way a grown person would, you have to remind one talks to you like that, ESPECIALLY not your kid. Spanking, denial of privileges, that's up to you to decide. But you have to punish them...otherwise, they will think that they can fuck up with no repercussions. That's just not how life is...unless you are Ken Lay or Dubya.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

why I love and hate reading Roldo...

I read more of what Mr. Roldo Bartimole said here and this article is a prime example on why I love AND hate to read what he has to say. First, why I love to read his writing:
  • He challenges the reader to find out what some of the things he talks about means
  • He pulls no punches
  • He does not talk down to his readers

Now, why I hate reading his writing:
  • He paints Cleveland as a city where the rich continuously take advantage of their "stroke" to deny resources to the poor and needy

Oh...wait, the rich in Cleveland do do that...

Never mind about the hate part.