Friday, January 27, 2006

Stop the talk about TO

I wish the knuckleheads at ESPN would call TO a selfish nigger and get it over with. We know they want to. All I hear is this "TO is selfish. TO's all about TO. TO this, TO that".

I don't agree with how TO handled his situation (Rosenhaus should be out on his ASS) but the blame isn't just his. As I have said before, the Eagles are leadership-deficient. The front office is so heavy-handed and power-hungry, they do not want strong characters in the locker room. It shouldn't have gotten as far as it did. They didn't come to TO as a man and say "Welcome to the Eagles. Your past is of no consequence. Let's play some football. But, we do have some rules we ask you to respect.". TO is a grown man...he could have either agreed or disagreed. Instead, both sides were inconsisted and it got ig'nant. Nobody's hands are totally clean...and TO's isn't the only loser in the situation.

I know some of you are saying 'Wait, Donovan McNabb is a leader'. I disagree. Donovan is still one of the league's premier QBs, don't get me wrong but he has yet to really grab the Eagles reins. I think he punked out a little bit when he made the comment that they didn't need TO for the Super Bowl. I think he meant (and what he should have said) is that, win or lose, they can only play the guys that are suited up. If TO is one of those guys, great. If not, we will have to find a way to fill that void. Not, "we don't need him" because that's bullshit. He came back from a broken friggin' leg to have a 9 catch, 100+ yard game in the Super Bowl. He played like he was the only one that wanted to win and outwardly showed it.

I think TO exposed greater questions in the Eagles organization like: why would Donovan back out on lobbying for more money for TO and do a 180 when it comes to Brian Westbrook.

I KNOW the Eagles were missing Duce this season.

Ever since Jeff Lurie bought the team and f**ked Randall Cunningham's career up by trying to change him into something he's not, I had no love for that jerk. Andy Reid? If it wasn't for McNabb, he would be just another Mike Holmgren wannabe. And Hugh Douglas? You are retired, for all intents and purposes, what are you doing goading players (I don't care if it was TO) into fights? What is your malfunction?

The Eagles have really dropped down the list of my favorite teams...they are now in the 30's. Only the Ravens are below them...hell, I like the Texans more than them. David Carr, at least, has heart...he keeps getting up after all of those damn sacks.

Well, that or a death wish.

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