Friday, January 27, 2006

The Guardian: Why There Wouldn't be a Black Brokeback Mountain (or Down-Low Mountain? Ain't no Mountain)

Gary Younge of the Guardian has written an excellent article on "Where there will never be a black Brokeback Mountain". It brings up the fact that, when white men cheat on their wives with other men, it's a moral failing. When it comes to black men, it's the "Down-Low", like it's somehow different and black men are beholden to some animal instinct to fuck, fuck, fuck.

I still have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of getting it on with another man...women are just too damn amazing...but people have to be with who makes them happy. I think that people should be honest with the feelings within themselves. Also, society needs to chill out on chastising homosexuals which is part of why people, especially minorities, find it hard to come out -- I can't even imagine what former NFL DL -- DL for Defensive Lineman -- Esera Tuaolo had to go through as a minority gay male professional athlete. If it really is a sin, God will take care of that. Not us. Our job is to love, respect or, at least, tolerate, each other, not judge (or worse) each other.

I am so tired of people using what adults do in their bedrooms as a smokescreen issue while our schools, infrastructure and jobs are going to hell in a handbasket.

Sickening...way more sickening than two men or two women in love (which, I believe, isn't sickening...even though it's not for me). I think that heterosexuals and homosexual haters should focus more on loving those they care about than hating on people that did nothing to them.

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Amy said...

I happen to know someone on the DL. I think you may know who I'm talking about but not sure. Anyway, he goes out of his way to put on a facade of being a ladies man but then is on the DL. If you are gay, just be gay! If you are bi, come out as bi. I don't get it. Just be who you are, that's all you can do.

I've dabbled in both sides. ahem. But I love men, so that will never change, even if my extracurricular activities have said otherwise in the past. ;)