Monday, January 23, 2006

Peter B. Lewis

It's been a long time since I have commented on things Cleveland by way of posting. Because of some work obligations, I couldn't comment very much on the mayoral race. If I were living in Cleveland, I would have abstained from the assignment but since I am an Akronian and can't vote anyway, I figured I would.

I must say, I am pulling for Mayor Jackson. He sounds kind of like older members of my family. He says things that some of them would say and he grew up in the same environment as my grandmother and her siblings did. (near east side of Cleveland). There is something familiar about him. I hope he can make this city better *cough* stop Wal-mart *cough*.

I was watching the news this morning and I heard about Peter B. Lewis's donation to his alma mater, Princeton, to the tune of 101 MILLION dollars. It's pretty sad when Cleveland's most wealthy businessman would rather give money to a school in NJ than one here. This is 101 million hints for all of Ohio's (especially Northeast Ohio universities) ...come up with a plan and SERVE THIS AREA. It does not involve building rec centers, dorms or branch campuses in exurbia (I won't name names...oh, what the hell...Cleveland State, Cleveland State and Cleveland State). Those are parts of the picture. What matters is class size, availability of classes to facilitate minimal logistical impediment to graduation ( in laymen's terms, classes when students need them), professors that provide academic rigor and creative ways to present information.

Cleveland State has thumbed its' nose at spending on academic improvements...which is probably why PBL is not blessing them with dough. CWRU proved it was unworthy after the business building's overruns (there's another debacle involving that building but don't even get me started on that.)

Education is paramount...other stuff is gravy.

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