Friday, September 22, 2006

my general disgust with music right now...

I wrote a lot on my MySpace blog about how pissed I am with music, especially hip-hop right, more specifically, popular hip-hop right now. I was thinking about this Lionel Richie (yes, Nicole's dad -- yes, of The Commodores -- yes, that song from the Starburst commercial) video that I saw last week called "I Call It Love".

It turns out Mr. Richie has a big Arab following. In another case of good music breaking barriers, ABC News did a story on the Iraq's love for Lionel. I think it's intriguing. The man behind one of the first songs I ever sang "Brick House", which is prophetic in so many ways, is big in the Middle East. I wish we could all get together and sit down and pull out our iPods, crates, CD cases and/or boxes full of tapes and just listen to music. We would realize that our artificial divisions (yes, nationalities are artificial) don't matter as much as what binds us as humans.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Goal of Terrorism? : Scare people

Terrorism is created to scare people. Terrorist acts don't have to kill people, they just want to scare them a little bit. Have you ever been in a relationship where you were with someone and they were ignoring you and you say "well, so-and-so in the office finds me handsome/beautiful". Of course, you wouldn't run off with Emily or Armando from the office but you put a little thing on the mind of your significant other "hey, maybe I should pay more attention to my relationship..."

Multiply that by a few thousand and voila! Terrorism.

This article states that the media and the powers that be are playing right into the terrorists hands by using rampant fear-mongering for personal gain. It's not unlike politicians using the "tough on crime" talk to garner votes.

It's all bullshit. It doesn't deserve more of an explanation.