Monday, January 02, 2006

Talk about classless..

The Minnesota Vikings have had a hard (no pun...ok, some pun intended) season. The started a woeful 2 - 5 in their first seven games and rallied to finish up 7 - 2 to finish 9 - 7 and just outside of the playoff picture. Considering losing both Randy Moss to the Raiders and Daunte Culpepper (torn ACL, MCL and PCL) and having a notoriously cheap owner sell the team mid-season to a real piece of work whose last name looks like a before picture of the Soul Train Scrambleboard (what the hell kind of name is Zygi Wilf?) and a relatively young coach that didn't have all that much to work with (and let's not even get into the "Love Boat" fiasco), they had a lot to deal with and they won more than they lost.

Despite a win against the second best team in the NFC, the Chicago Bears, the aforementioned Mr. Wilf saw it necessary to fire Mike Tice in the locker room shortly after the game. For a owner that had missionaryesque zeal about ethics and values (remember, he came up with the "code of conduct" after the boat misadventure, this is really low.


WebmasterMama said...

Whaaaa? Just having got back from a trip and being sick this is the first I heard of how Tice got fired. So sad....

derek said...

Wilf is a asshole. Anyone that would fire someone in that fashion deserves no respect. I hope it happens to him one day.

I hope that they cut Daunte Culpepper and Mewelde Moore and Denny Green picks them up in AZ and mops up the Vikings...and I see that Arizona does indeed have Minnesota (in Minnesota on next year's schedule -- when TBD)

Derek, the only Cardinals fan in Ohio