Thursday, December 22, 2005

Random thoughts...transit strikes, TiVo and relationships

Former President Carter has TiVo. How cool is that? He was on The Daily Show and he said "Well, I don't stay up late enough for The Daily Show but I do TiVo it". He deserves four more years, just for that...

The MTA transit strike is creeping up on 48 hours. I must say good for them. The MTA had a SURPLUS. Dropping more surplus in the pension fund never hurt anyone. Look at how many companies that duck out of their pension responsibilities. You don't want to be a public entity that does so. Plus, think about the millions that have a more challenging commute because the MTA and Michael Bloomberg decide to be self-righteous schmucks. No Hanukkah gifts for you, Bloomberg.

Oh, and what's with this woman who set up her husband? The guy goes to Iraq and doesn't die...but he comes home and gets killed by her lover and her stepdaughter's boyfriend. Sad, sad, sad. What worries me is that the lover and the stepdaughter's boyfriend are both 18-year-old black men. Sorry, but no woman is worth that...what WERE those brothers thinking?!? I think they are making a late surge for Ig'nant Negro of the Year. Sorry, fellas...but I think that J. Whyatt Mondesire has them beat with his comments about Donovan F. McNabb. W. E. B. duBois would be rolling in his grave...and Thurgood Marshall would be rolling in the same direction. The NAACP barely does shit and they use their voice to chastise one of the good guys in the NFL. Though I think that Donovan could have done some things to squash the beef between him and T. O., I think he's still a good QB. He didn't run as much because he had TO as a deep threat and a Westbrook, LJ Smith and Chad Lewis (sometimes) as safety valves.

In college b-ball, UNC GOT SERVED!

...and so did UTEP in the GMAC Bowl. U of Toledo beat them like Grandpa Freeman beat Stinkmeaner.

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Reese The Law Girl said...

That strike in NY is affecting me all the way in Florida (long story- need money from Dad in NYC, but closest bank is far away and he needs train to get there).

I was all for the strike until they started affecting my Roca-Wear pocket book. ;)