Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays

If I hear one more person say that there is a war on Christmas going on and they say that it's with the people that say "Happy Holidays" as opposed to or in addition to "Merry Christmas", I will scream. As Tina states in this post, there are more constructive things that can be done rather than agonizing about people wishing you a merry Christmas without actually saying Christmas.

But, there is a war on Christmas...but it comes from people that want your dollar and couldn't give a rusty nail in a corroded bucket about the true meaning of any holiday, much less the birthday of probably the most important historical and religious figure (not named God) on the planet. Why aren't people attacking Wal-Mart for offering wages too low to allow people to skip work for a day with their family? Why aren't people mad at stores that are open 24 hours on Christmaas?

WHY AREN'T PEOPLE USING THIS TIME TO REALLY THINK ABOUT THE FACT THAT THOUSANDS OF SOLDIERS AREN'T HERE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH THEIR FAMILIES BECAUSE THEY ARE FIGHTING AN UNJUST WAR? They are not home safely because someone (hint: The Bush Administration) chose to concoct lies based on 9/11 and shoddy intelligence.

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