Friday, December 23, 2005

Quit'cher Bitchin'

Hawaii beat Michigan any sport, that's almost apocalyptic.

In basketball, it's worse.

From a Seattle Post-Intelligencer article:

Maurice Ager had 16 points for the Spartans, coming off their fourth Final Four appearance in seven years. But he was one of four Michigan State players affected by leg cramps.

Paul Davis, who had 12 points and 11 rebounds, left the game for a second and final time with cramps with 13:27 to play. Ager, Shannon Brown and Drew Neitzel all had to leave the game at some point because of the cramps. Brown had to be removed on a stretcher with 6:36 left because of the intense pain.

The cramps so affected the Spartans that for a good portion of the final 10 minutes there were four freshmen on the floor at the same time.

Players all leaving with "cramps". I think they quit. This is worse than St. Bonaventure calling it a season a few years ago. At least they didn't quit during a game. If any other team losing to any other team made that excuse, they would be laughed out of the press room.

There are 2 possible scenarios:

  1. They didn't stretch before the game...meaning there was bad coaching.

  2. They are faking...

  3. It was "that time" of the month

How pathetic.

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