Thursday, December 29, 2005

the people you meet in open source part I

When I went to OSCON back in August in Portland, I met a man by the name of Scott Kveton, Associate Director of the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon (the alma mater of Chad "What's in my bag this week?" Johnson and T.J. "Triple H" Houshmanzadeh of the Cincinnati Bengals). I was reading the 12/19-12/26/2005 issue of Information Week and, lo and behold, who do I see in a featured article? The very same Scott Kveton. The article centers on how the OSL's work has spurred open source development not just at OSU but in Oregon as a whole. He's a really good guy to boot.


James McGovern said...

If you liked OSCON, you will like OSBC better!

Anyway, maybe we will meet up and trade notes one day...

derek said...

Sure...what do you specialize in?

And nice Malcolm icon, btw.

I liked OSCON mostly because there were lots of people who still enjoy technology for technology's sake. Some are for-profit, some are not. Some are programmers, some are admins, some sell books about it, some evangelize it.

I would like to see more women and people of color there though.

How is the OSBC? I probably won't have the cash to make it out to SFO in Feb. I am hoping to get the dough to go back to OSCON in July (it's a week earlier this year).