Friday, December 23, 2005

My possible career...

Your Career Type: Investigative

You are precise, scientific, and intellectual.
Your talents lie in understanding and solving math and science problems.

You would make an excellent:

Architect - Biologist - Chemist
Dentist - Electrical Technician - Mathematician
Medical Technician - Meteorologist - Pharmacist
Physician - Surveyor - Veterinarian

The worst career options for your are enterprising careers, like lawyer or real estate agent.

Maybe I could be like Robert Goren from Law and Order: Criminal Intent. That dude is a freak genius. If my mind is a Lamborghini, his is one of those rocket cars on the Bonneville Salt Flats.


Reese The Law Girl said...

So, you're not into the law game, huh? But, mathematician? Dang, that's right on the money! ;)

derek said...

I would just rather be a law groupie...;-)