Monday, March 17, 2008

You can't spell disenfranchisement without MI

disenfranchise(v.) - to deprive of a franchise, of a legal right, or of some privilege or immunity; especially : to deprive of the right to vote.

Michigan, you've won! And Florida, you win again!

Democrats of Michigan and of Florida, you have been denied the right to vote by the Democratic party...not the national one but the one of your own state. It was THEIR idea to move the primaries ahead against the wishes of the national party. Whether the state governments were complicit or not, the Democratic Parties of Michigan and Florida effectively disenfranchised every Democrat in those two states.

Smooth move, dorks.

I smell class action...

As far as delegates, I think that a number of delegates equal to the number of delegates that would have been assigned to Michigan and Florida should be picked from the other 48 states and DC to represent Michigan and Florida. So what they aren't from Michigan or Florida. Citizens of those states only have their local party to blame.

Howard Dean, don't succumb to them. I know you are made of sterner stuff.

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