Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Night the Spark Went Out in Louisiana

"We played a lot tougher teams, mentally tougher. When they got down, they shut it down."
--LSU safety Harry Coleman

When a backup safety says these kinds of things, something's wrong. It's one thing to play hard and fall via a missed field goal or a pass just out of the reach of a receiver's grasp away from victory. This fate befell the Browns. But, over the last 15 games, the Browns went 10-5 and showed considerable heart, even in defeat. Sure, they made mistakes but they showed guts and stayed in the game.

Unlike the Buckeyes.

I have said, get up on a Jim Tressel team, they fold like a poorly constructed house of cards. When you see a team implode like that, you have to look at leadership. College is about building character but folding under pressure runs counter to that end.

Dare I say it....fire. Fire. Jim. Tressel.

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