Monday, January 14, 2008

Hillary the Bigot?

...that's how they want you to see her. Do I think that Hillary's lauding the civil rights record of LBJ (no, not LeBron James, Lyndon B. Johnson) was offensive? No. I just happen to think she's incorrect. But, people are quickly painting her as belittling Dr. King.

Senator Clinton doesn't have the power to step on the legacy of Dr. King and I don't think she was trying to. Many true bigots and hateful people couldn't and I don't think Senator Clinton is a hateful person. I respect her a great deal and I support her...but not for president.

These are the things we DON'T need to be focusing on. We need to be more issues oriented. Barack, John, Hillary and Dennis, let's stick to the issues. Forget all of these people who want to see you all duke it out. They don't matter, I don't care who they are.


Cleveland Carole Cohen 3C said...

the first LBJ got a lot of bills passed, no matter what his motivation. Of course Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and others were the ones who affected change, LBJ just made it official. I was listening to 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' on You Tube today, Derek. Still an amazing song. I am not a Hillary fan but I know you are right, she is not a bigot.

derek said...

Yes, Carole, the revolution will not get rid of the nubs (even though I have no idea what the nubs are).

I love that song too.