Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bill Clinton

There are only 2 presidents during my lifetime that I feel had a rapport with the common man...well, President Carter did until the b-list actor started his Bullshit Brigade (Morning in America...give me a break). He kept it real when everyone wanted fake. He was like Al Gore with balls.

The other being Bill Clinton. Say what you want about his sexual dalliances (shoot, if I was him and single, I would have spent some time with Monica. Bill and I are both fans of the smart, thick women :-) ) but he's an intelligent and witty guy. I would go have a beer with him.

"They say if you vote Democrat, they will tax you into the poorhouse. And, while you're in the poorhouse you will see a terrorist on every street corner and stumble upon an illegal alien."
--Bill Clinton, 10/23/06 in Columbus

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