Monday, February 27, 2006


I don't commment much on abortion because I don't have a womb. I cannot have abortions. I can't give birth. I am male. I think that each decision is in the hands of the woman who owns the womb.

I think that the sanctimony of some "pro-lifers" is absolutely disgusting. Once the baby is born, no one gives a damn...especially if the baby is any or all of the following:

a child of color
a girl
mentally retarded

That is why it was heartening to see an anti-abortion group and the ACLU in support of the same single teacher that got fired for being pregnant. from the original ABC News article:

"If you take away the resources, you could unintentionally drive a woman to having an abortion," said Foster.

"It is not pro-life to take away the resources and support that women need and deserve to bring children into this world," Foster says. "The appropriate response for the employer when they found out she was pregnant, is to say, 'Congratulations,' and, 'How can I help?' "

Here's an interesting insight into the impetus behind most abortions:

A 2004 survey by the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that supports abortion rights but is cited by both sides in the abortion wars as having reliable data, indicated that 73 percent of those seeking an abortion were doing so because they could not afford to have a baby.

"We have to systematically eliminate the reasons that drive women to abortions, and the root causes are lack of resources and lack of support," Foster says. "Women deserve both."

Why do I believe women have a choice? I respect women as equal human beings, capable of intelligent thought. That's really it. As my man, Butterfly says of Digable Planets in La Femme Fetal on their first album reachin'(a new refutation of time and space):
Hey pro-lifers need to dig themselves
because life don't stop after birth
and to a child born to the unprepared
it might even just get worse


ByeBye said...

Great post today... I don't know what I feel about abortion, its easy to so what we don't want or feel but I think its harder on the mother who's carrying the baby. I just wouldn't want my lady to seek an abortion if I'm ever in that position. I don't believe the Government have any right in a woman's decision unless she's using it only for a form of birth control. Touch issue I must agree.

derek said...

It's a different situation when the expectant father is involved. It would be good to include him on the decision. I would be really hurt if my SO didn't if the situation came up.

Amy said...

My feeling is that those who are so pro-life are also those that are seemingly anti-welfare. I don't think you can be both because a lot of those children that would have been aborted come from mothers who are poor, in situations where it was a mishap and they weren't ready for children, or drug addicts, etc. So many people are so "abortion is murder" but then on the flipside "but we won't pay for the child once it's born so it's up to you to have the child you can't care for and figure out what you are gonna do. Just don't abort it or you'll burn in hell." Makes no sense.

Reese The Law Girl said...

I agree with Amy 100%. And, I can understand why someone may not agree with abortion, but I don't understand how you can not agree with abortion, but also have be against welfare.

Also, I never understood how someone could be pro-life AND pro-death penalty. Hypocrite in my book.