Friday, October 05, 2007

Dennis Kucinich - PBS, News Hour

You know, if anyone else was saying what he was saying, people would be falling over themselves to support him.

Just because he's Dennis Kucinich...

Kucinich represents what's best of Cleveland. He makes me proud to be from the 'land.


Dufaux said...


I'm one of these people who agree that Dennis is saying the right thing but won't support him. I wished that America was ready to hear the truth but it is not. So someone like Dennis is rediculed when he should be emulated. I liked your post.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the book suggestion, but I'm looking for fiction books... though I do plan on reading the book you suggested one day. Probably not till I'm out of school though... having to read from two philosophy books, do labs for astronomy, pay attention in computers and well, i don't really do much for my sociology class... plus the fiction books i plan on reading, I don't think I can take on anything else.