Monday, April 02, 2007

Screwing the Cavs...

I watched the tail end of the Cavs game while I was watching Wrestlemania 23 (which was a vastly entertaining pay-per-view, one of the best in a while) and I saw the worst call ever. With less than 30 seconds left and the score tied, Delonte West of the Celtics drove to the hole, stepped on Anderson Varejao's foot and a foul was called. On Varejao! West makes the two foul shots and on the other end Damon Jones misses a game-winning 3 and the game is over.

Boston 98, Cleveland 96.

It was probably the most horseshit call I have ever seen. It seems like the officials have it out for the Cavaliers.

Delonte West said: "Well, I didn't fall on my own, It was just one of my veteran moves. I drew the contact. I drew the contact and fell to the floor. The refs did a good job making the right call."

What a crock. A couple of years ago, he couldn't hold Jameer Nelson's jock at St. Joseph's. I still think Nelson's the better player.

Well, tonight's the night. Ohio State can exorcise all of its' demons this year with a win tonight. If the men's b-ball team fails, they can only go to the football team for consolation. Monday night. National Championship. Florida. But, unlike the neutral to friendly confines of the University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinals, son!), they are in the Georgia Dome. Georgia. The state next to Florida.

We shall see in about 12 hours...

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