Wednesday, December 27, 2006

As the year closes...

After my first mini-vacation (I had Christmas and the day after off...I am off to work after this post.), I am thinking about Christmas and here's my thoughts:

-My son still loves Cars. We watched it on Christmas Day.
-James Brown has passed away. That's not a song title. He really is. Dilla and the Godfather of Soul in the same year...sad but, we still have this...

-Gerald Ford is dead too. I was born during his 2 year and 5 month term in the White House...he and I also share a birthday: July 14th.
-I saw pics of my dad and I saw one of him eating. It was fairly recent and it made me think of one of the last things he said to me..

"Don't be a knucklehead like your old man"

I didn't get it when he first said it but he meant "don't make the mistakes I made". To me, one of them is not eating right. I miss him.
-I have 3 work days left in this year.
-The Browns BETTER beat Houston.
-I hope the Cardinals don't fire Denny Green.
-What kind of complaints will the sports media come up with after Ohio State runs the table again?
-How will Ted Strickland do as governor of Ohio?

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