Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election Redux

"YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" - Howard Dean, Chair, DNC

I am feeling pretty good about this past election. There's a black governor in Massachusetts and the Republican rule of Ohio's executive branch and the country's legislative branch is over!

Now...let's get working...minimum wage, health insurance, affordable higher education, equitable K-12 funding await..


Reese The Law Girl said...


Joyce said...

I can't believe you followed our elections. Pissa (actually, no one uder 50 really uses that phrase). The televised debates were very interesting. You should live here, for sure.

derek said...

Governor-Elect Patrick will be the first African-American governor of a northern state. It's rather historic. Plus, he seems like a really cool guy :-). I like pissa :-).

I know, I need to pick a coast. Living in the midwest blows. I have felt comfortable on both is just...well, blah.