Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The World Cup...

I have been trying to watch some World Cup action and I have, now that the US is out, have enjoyed it. Unfortunately, Ghana lost the defending champ, Brazil, 3 - 0 today in the round of 16. I have been pulling for Ghana since they beat the Czech Republic and I rooted strongly for them against the United States ( Bruce Arena is a horrible sport and should be relieved of his duties. Come on, 1 goal?!? The Italians shot just as many balls in the US goal as the US did in 3 games?!?! Fifth best in the world? I don't see it...).

According to this article, the strong performance of Angola (who got 2 ties) and Ghana has inspired folks all over Africa. Coupled with the fact that South Africa will be hosting the 2010 World Cup, the time for the rise of African football is coming. I am an international soccer newbie but seeing all of the countries putting great teams together will only make the World Cup more exciting. And, if this can create some dialogue on equal footing, all the better.

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