Wednesday, May 03, 2006

why I love and hate reading Roldo...

I read more of what Mr. Roldo Bartimole said here and this article is a prime example on why I love AND hate to read what he has to say. First, why I love to read his writing:
  • He challenges the reader to find out what some of the things he talks about means
  • He pulls no punches
  • He does not talk down to his readers

Now, why I hate reading his writing:
  • He paints Cleveland as a city where the rich continuously take advantage of their "stroke" to deny resources to the poor and needy

Oh...wait, the rich in Cleveland do do that...

Never mind about the hate part.

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John Ettorre said...

Those are interesting observations, Derek. I think you're especially right about that part about not talking down to people. I think it's one of his signature strengths and a key reason for his appeal over the years. In addition of course to his ability to dig into things and keep at issues over many years.