Sunday, October 09, 2005

What Office Space character are you?

Watch out all you unruly fax machines out there....

You are Michael Bolton.

You're kind of geeky and you share the same name
with a no-talent ass clown. I'm sorry.

Which Office Space Character Are You?
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Rod Pendergrass said...
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Reese The Law Girl said...

I hate spammers.

LOL, on your office space description. That was funny. :D

Karla said...

These Spammers really like you.

Ditto Reese :)

derek said...

Je deteste les spammers.

I am just in French mode today. I read a post that mentioned Amelie. I love that movie.

I wish I knew someone that could sit through foreign movies that I could enjoy that with. :-(

Thanks for your commments reese and karla. I love both of your blogs.

I am pretty geeky though. A black, twentysomething computer geek single dad...a weird combo.

Reese The Law Girl said...

You know I never saw Amelie, but it is on my netflix queue.

Hey, there's lot's of weird combos out there. For example, black, single, women, lawyers who love anime and college basketball. I only know one other person like that besides me.

Christine said...

I got Milton. I have to say I saw it coming, but I was afraid of it all the same!

derek said...

As long as I don't end up with strychnine in my guacamole, we're ok.

Borne for Mayor!